Stop censorship !

censorship-350x241.jpgAnonymous India fights censorship, hacks Reliance servers

May 26, 2012 - India: Protesting Internet censorship, Anonymous hacks Reliance Communications, a major Internet provider, leaving customers unable to access Facebook, Twitter and other sites for several hours.

Reliance Communications customers of India were unable to access Facebook, Twitter and other sites for several hours on Saturday, May 26, after hacktivists associated with the international Internet collective known as Anonymous hacked into the website belonging to Reliance Communications filtering and blocking server .

The action is a continuation of Operation India. Earlier this month Anonymous successfully temporarily disabled the Indian Supreme Court and All India Congressional websites, as well as the Department of Telecommunications and other significant websites via DDoS attacks.

Anonymous accuses the Indian government of censorship and corruption. In particular, the collective is angry that the country's Internet censorship plan has resulted in the blocking of file and video sharing websites like The Pirate Bay and Vimeo.


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